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Two thousand years ago on the island of Patmos, Jesus showed His disciple John visions of the destruction of the Earth, although John didn’t understand what he was being shown because then, wasn’t the time.
These visions were later written down and became part of the book of Revelation which in turn was added to the Bible in 419 A.D. about 70 years after the first Bible was compiled by the Roman Emperor Constantine.

Nearly Two thousand years later in 2005, Jesus revealed the interpretation of these visions to us as a runaway greenhouse effect because now, is the time.

He also gave us a commission to create a global network of street teachers teaching The Way as it was taught by Christians before the advent of the Bible.

Consequently The Global Meltdown Domino Effect document was produced which not only gives the interpretation of the visions, but also lines them up with a scientific explanation which has been unofficially
endorsed by a professor in genetics.

Redskynews.com shortly followed as a news website which pooled all of the climate events going on in the world and particularly the ones which were building up to the Global Meltdown which John saw two thousand years ago.

Redskynews.com is aimed at people whose faith needs redirecting towards Jesus and His Words and is a vehicle to distribute The Global Meltdown Domino Effect document which is available as a free download.
The website is visited by many thousands of people from all over the world every month and amidst a message of global catastrophe, brings the peace of Jesus’ Words to their hearts and minds.

Redsky International is for those people whose faith is in Jesus and His Words and provides legal legitimacy for those who want to teach The Way under the Redsky banner.
Redsky International is a limited company with charitable status registration number 9476677 and has a legal right to deliver the following on an international basis:

Promoting the Words of Jesus and encouraging faith in Him.
Offering memberships to persons wishing to do the same.
Publishing materials in electronic, video and literature form relating to the above.
Other service activities relating to the above.

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